Dna Appliance

The DNA Appliance is a non-surgical, non-invasive, virtually painless, drug-free method of treating a number of health issues that can be caused by the shape of craniofacial structures. It uses concepts from Epigenetic Orthodontics to target and stimulate the immature embryonic cells in the jaw, gradually shifting the teeth into proper alignment and increasing the width and depth of the palate to an optimal size. This 3D reshaping of the mouth results in better tooth and jaw function, enhanced oral health, and better overall well-being.

As a sleep apnea appliance, the DNA appliance helps reduce the obstruction in your airways while you sleep because it naturally expands your nasal passages, which increases the space in your airway for optimal breathing. This is a great alternative to CPAP machines for patients who have a CPAP intolerance or who simply do no want to wear a cumbersome, loud face mask while they sleep.

For TMJ treatment, the DNA appliance may help patients find relief from pain and other symptoms of the disorder.  As the appliance gently increases the palate size and moves the jaw into the correct position, it releases the strain on the temporomandibular joints.  Patients who find that their bite is not comfortable or who experience clicking, popping, or grinding when they bite down are able to resume eating the foods they love without worry.

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