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“Dr. Todd is great. He’s been our family dentist for 18 years & we love him. He’s funny, always cracking jokes. But more than that, he explains everything in detail. There are never surprises. The girls in the office are all very friendly & always there to help us. Thanks A” Family Dentisty”
Priscilla A.
“Dr. Todd is a great dentist. My husband was not a fan of dentists and Dr. Todd made him feel really comfortable and even called him after a cleaning to see how he was doing. I have been seeing my hygienist, Christine, since I was 5! Their office staff is amazing too!”
Erica P.
“He and his staff are wonderful!! Follow up calls after each visit. My kids adore him. He always goes the extra mile. Can’t pm if you’re anonymous.”
Lori P.
“I started seeing him last year, my dentist passed away, they have been great. You should be very pleased.”
Denise F.
“I only heard good things!!!”
Tresa M.
“Our family started going there about three years ago! Love him and his staff! I also really appreciate the follow-up calls- just that extra touch that shows he cares! Who does that anymore!!!”
Carrie M.
“You will love him and his staff! He’s been our dentist for years and we love him! Great choice!”
Star R.
“Best choice you made”
Kim V.
“I started going to him last year. Great dentist and staff!”
Yvonne R.
“He is the BEST!!!!”
Linda V.
“He is awesome. And his office is the best. You’ll love him because he cares.”
Crystal G.
“Great staff and dentist! You made a good choice.”
Rita G.
“Wise choice! Tell them hi from Rebecca!
I absolutely love the staff, service, everything, and have been using their services for well over 10 years! “

Rebecca C.
“Great choice.”
Sandra S.

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